CorePharma has various capability for the commercial manufacturing of oral solid dosage products. We continuously invest in technology to enhance our service offering and provide a comprehensive manufacturing solution for all kinds of process requirements and batch sizes ranging from small scale to large volume batches. Between our manufacturing and packaging facility we can produce over 2 billion oral solid dosage units annually.

Bottle Bottle packaging lines with serialization
Blister 2 Blister packaging lines
Carton 2 high speed cartoner
Granulation 2 340 qt planetary mixers
300-liter high shear mixer
200-liter high shear mixer
Drying Tray Dryer
Glatt Fluid Bed Dryer with top spray,
bottom spray and solvent capabilities.
Blending 20 cuft V Blender
30 cuft Double Cone Blender
60 cuft Double Cone Blender
Compression 3 Fette 2200i tablet presses
1 Fette 1200i tablet presses
Coating 1 Thomas Flex 500C Coater (48"-66" coating pans)
Encapsulation MG Suprema Encapsulation machine with 100% check weighing