CorePharma has a state of the art research and development laboratory with various capabilities from bench level development to scale up. With a skilled development team and the implementation of various technologies we can provide a comprehensive development to launch solution. We have the capability to perform preformulation studies, formulations development, process optimization, quality by design, analytical method development and validation, scale up and technology transfer.

Bench R&D
Granulation Glatt Tabletop Mixer Granulator (1, 4 & 8 L)
Drying Fluid Bed Dryer, Tray Dryer
Milling Fitz Mill L1A
Blending V-Blender (1 qt, 2 qt, 4 qt, 8 qt, & 16 qt)
Compression Globe Pharma Minipress (B & D type)
Coating Vector Laboratory Development Coating System (1.3 L, 3.75 L & 8 L)
Packaging Handheld Induction Sealing machine ( 20 to 100 mm cap)
Scale Up
Granulation 25 L High Shear Mixer
Drying Fluid Air Fluid Bed Processor with Drying, Top and Bottom Spray capabilities
Milling Fitz Mill
Blending 1 c. ft V-Blender, 2 cu. Ft Double Cone Blender, 5 cu. Ft V-Blender
Compression Fette Tablet Press (24 Stations)
Coating 24"/36" Tablet Coater